Tuesday, October 8, 2013

[PG] XXXG-00W0 Wing Gundam Zero Custom Endless Waltz

This is my first time trying my hands on PG model kits... I look up on many reviews and walkthrough videos of this kit and they all claim it to be more challenging than a PG Strike Freedom kit (which I have, will post in a more later post soon!). When I attempted it, it was really challenging as mentioned, and I couldn't get the LED working!!! I was a bit disappointed and totally have no idea what went wrong with the wiring ans stuffs, so I ended up skipping the LED wiring and I managed to complete the overall kit.

Except for the absence of the LED lightings, the rest are still fine. Thank goodness I didn't break anything haha...

I have written reviews of this kit in my Facebook which you can go through here. My Facebook profile and pictures and stuffs are open to public so as long as you got a Facebook account you can pretty much view my stuffs without restrictions =D


The first time for me seeing so many screws and nuts... @.@

Also the first time seeing die cast metal parts that are meant for the joints...

Forgive me for being so noob, but I really was imagining how big this kit can be after building up...

Lots of panel lining to be done....

The only parts that were painted in gold using the gold gundam marker...

Fully articulated fingers!!! Loving that so much =D

Really is going to be big... @.@

Yup.. Definitely it's gonna be big once the wings are done...

Beautiful wings...

This is how big it was, and yes that is my working desk =D

- Vic


  1. All that work and you don't even pose it well... Lol

    1. What can I say? This was like my early builds when I started out Gunpla building ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

  2. Any chance you might be able to scan/send the instructions? I lost the papers to my PG kits

    1. You could look in this site. They have scans of the manual in there..

  3. Hey man I have the same set as yours, but I have Mia placed mine instruction sheets, is it possible to scan or take pic of the manual

    1. Hey there.. The above link I shared has scans of the instruction manual..

    2. I checked the site. Copies are too blurred when tried to expand.

  4. By chance you found out to how get the led to work. Its driving me crazy

  5. By chance you found out to how get the led to work. Its driving me crazy